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Lumnia Fly Control for your Business

Flies such as fruit flies, drain flies, blow flies and the ever present house flies are attracted to food odours from kitchens and food preparation areas.  With an easy supply of food and warm conditions flies can breed rapidly. They can pick up and transport contaminated filth on their bodies spreading pathogens such as Salmonella, Cryptosporidium and E. coli quickly contaminating clean surfaces and food. Rentokil's innovative Lumnia Fly Control units use LED technology to effectively eliminate flies and protect your business.

No matter the size of your business, or how many sites you have, there is a Lumnia device that will suit your requirements. From the Lumnia Compact to the Lumnia Ultimate, we have a solution to fit your business.

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Why Choose Lumnia

Flies can transmit a multitude of different pathogens, causing significant risks to health and safety which impacts on businesses. Having the right protection in place to prevent fly infestations becomes imperative - and we have the solution.

Developed with innovative, patented LED technology Lumnia fly control units are designed to attract, kill and encapsulate insects hygienically - eliminating the risks of contamination. The Lumnia electric fly killers range are suitable for a diversity of internal environments, where flies are not welcome. They offer highly effective fly control solutions for businesses across a wide selection of industries with exacting requirements to control flying insects.

Utilising leading LED lamp technology Lumnia units deliver highly effective, proven catch rates and eliminate the risks of secondary infestations by encapsulating flies onto an adhesive film which automatically winds on to a spool for hygienic containment. Lumnia Ultimate fly control has been developed to perform in high dependency environments and be compliant with all legal and health and safety requirements - giving our customers complete peace of mind.

Lumnia fly killer units offers innovative, highly effective fly control for unrivalled protection against flies for business environments such as:

Specifically developed and built to perform, the Lumnia range is compliant with all legal and health and safety requirements - giving our customers peace of mind.

How to Calculate your Energy Savings with Lumnia

Our innovative Lumnia fly control units not only significantly reduce the risks of food contamination in your premises from flies, but can ultimately save you money too! Use the Lumnia energy saving calculator below to see the kind of savings you could potentially make by upgrading your existing units to our high-performance, energy saving, Lumnia high attraction output LED fly control units.

Just follow these three simple steps:

  • Type in the number of existing fly control units you use on a daily basis
  • Select the appropriate wattage of your existing units from the drop down menu (from 20 Watts up to 90 Watts)
  • Select the appropriate level of energy cost from the drop down menu

The Lumnia energy saving calculator will then show you the type of energy savings you could be making by using our innovative, discreet and effective Lumnia LED electric fly killers.

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Designed with safety in mind

The Lumnia fly control units are not only designed to effectively eliminate flying insects. Health & Safety has been a primary concern during development of Lumnia. The units have been designed with a sliding mechanism to allow safe access. This means that there is no requirement for using ladders when servicing the fly control units, an important H&S consideration in any business premise.

Lumnia Ultimate

Lumnia Compact

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