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Deep Cleaning Bathroom Treatment

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Deep Cleaning Bathroom Treatment

An intensive, environmentally friendly deep cleaning service for your toilet cubicle and bathroom

Initial’s expert deep cleaning treatment - also known as Ablution Hygiene Treatment (AHT) - is a five-star service delivered by trained hygiene specialists to sanitise toilets, bathroom fixtures and surfaces while assisting with odour remediation. 

Initial's Antibacterial Fogging Solution

Antibacterial fogging uses a high-level disinfectant in an aerosol state. The aerosol droplets reach into every crack and crevice and cover every exposed surface of your bathroom, penetrating the places daily cleaning just can’t reach. Compared to manual cleaning, fogging is an extremely fast, efficient and water-wise service which significantly reduces the overall bacteria count in a bathroom for safer, healthier environments.  In addition, we are the only hygiene services provider to offer our clients antibacterial fogging as part of their deep clean.

Why make use of Initial’s Deep Cleaning Treatment for Toilets and Bathrooms?

Did you know that the flushing rims, fittings and surrounding areas of each of your toilet cubicles - as well as other bathroom amenities - are exposed to continuous deposits of faecal matter and other harmful bacteria?

This build-up creates a bathroom environment in which bacteria and other pathogenic organisms can flourish. Toilet users who come into contact with these organisms are at risk of illnesses such as gastro-enteritis, vaginal infections, urinary tract infections and the common cold.

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