Biological Dosing

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Biological Dosing

Is your kitchen's grease trap blocked or overflowing?

Initial‘s Biological Dosing (Bio-dosing) Treatment is the solution: an environmentally friendly, non-chemical maintenance programme for your grease trap.

Before Biological Dosing Service

After Biological Dosing Service

Problems caused by Grease Traps:

  • Buildup of organic matter leads to blockages, overflows, risk of contamination and even costly flooding.
  • Accumulated waste decomposes in waste pipes, causing offensive odours.
  • Mechanical cleaning methods such as high pressure water jetting are often unsuitable and may cause bacterial contamination
  • Grease sludge can support bacteria and encourage pests such as flies and cockroaches.

How does Bio-dosing address your grease trap issues?

The Biological Dosing unit pumps a measured dose of microorganisms and enzymes into the sump, initiating a biological process which digests and liquefies the fats, oils, grease and starch (FOGS) commonly associated with grease trap blockages and buildups.  FOGS break down to water and carbon dioxide, which will disappear from the system.

How can you benefit from our bio-dosing treatment?

  • Initial will install and maintain the Bio-dosing unit, servicing it on a regular basis.
  • We save you time and money by eliminating emergency call-outs due to grease trap blockages.
  • Bio-dosing will reduce the damage often experienced with conventional drain clearing techniques.
  • Malodours and blockages are eliminated, ensuring a hygienic kitchen environment

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